Introducing ZanthoniaTM!!!

A category creator, the first of its kind in India. The juice of the full Mangosteen Fruit, a formulation like the World has never had before!!!

The good genie in a bottle that brings to you the “Power of Purple”, THE MAGNIFICENT MANGOSTEEN!

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ZanthoniaTM, Juice for Life, For quality of life.

Hi, this is Leslie Louis and I am going to tell you something about ZANTHONIA. Something, I found out by chance. I had a really bad back and neck ache. I took one home. And I was fine in few days. I have it every day. It keeps me healthy, keeps me energetic, and keeps me rock and roll. And now I can jump on stage, again.
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It's been exactly three weeks that I am on Zanthonia and I can see and feel a lot of changes in my body.
I sleep better. From an insomniac to someone who sleeps deep and well for 6 to 8 hours, it's been a great change. When I wake up in the morning, I feel fresh.
There is no need to go back to sleep..I don't feel lethargic and lazy like I did before. I am losing inches. Also, my menstrual cycle has always been a very painful one. I have to always pop in brufen or combiflam 3 to 4 times a day or take a pain killer shot. But for the first time in last 22 years of my cycle, this cycle I did not pop in a single pill. Firstly, my pain was very subdued compared to what I always get...I would really call it pain actually.and everytime there was a cramp I had ZANTHONIA and it went away. I know the reason I didn't pop in those pills this time is ZANTHONIA because that's the only change in introduced in my life and that's brought in this change. And I feel great not to have those heavy painkillers in me this time. Looking forward to see what more this "Miracle" juice does further to my body... Thank you for introducing me to this. Best regards Priya
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I have been consuming Zanthonia for a month now and the results are visible.
A) Being a patient of endometriosis, which is a condition of the womb, unexplained pelvic pain right through the month has been my lot. However once I started using your product, am feeling a lot better. The aches and pains are down considerably as is the use of pain killers, (which am sure you will agree, is a great relief to my poor kidneys! )
B) I am sleeping much better. Thanks to this, my bingeing and erratic hunger pangs are in check due to which I seem to have lost weight. C) Recently everyone around me was down with cold and flu...compliments of the rainy season!  Though I caught it too, my recovery time took just a day. This is most unlike other times when a cold and flu last anywhere between 4 to 7 days. I do believe there is a great deal of fact to support Zanthonia's claims of revving up immunity levels! I plan to introduce my friends and family to the wonders of Zanthonia!  Warm regards Kalyani
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My parents have been on Zanthonia for 2 weeks. They are aged.
They have observed the below changes in them:
1) Both had lost their appetite. They barely managed eating one full meal a day. But I am happy to share that, both of them eat three full meals every day.
2) My mother has knee pain and specially, when she sits under the fan, the pain increases. Her knee pain has considerably reduced and she manages sitting under the fan now.
3) Both of them had high blood sugar levels which have come to normal now.
4) They feel energetic. They don't feel tired.
I am so happy to see them improving.
I will start with it too.
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I am consuming Zanthonia Juice since last 8 months. I must say you have introduced me to the Indian equivalent of Sanjeevani Booti. My mood swings are under control, post food my metabolism rate has increased and my stress related headaches have gone south. Additionally, my monthly cycle related problems have improved. Thank You for introducing me to such a sublime discovery. I am a single mother, working with a bank as a Director
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My aunt in April underwent a major stomach cancer surgery, followed by 1.5 months of rigorous radiation. The side effects as you know were brutal. She lost her appetite completely, she was not eating at all. Even if she ate, she vomited. We told her to take Zanthonia but she didn't agree .... at all.....(she is one of those fussy kinds)..4 days back she FINALLY started taking it...and today she called up and said that...not only is she eating but feels hungry as well.... There is a drastic change in her appetite... Apart from Zanthonia there is no other change in her routine...so obviously..we have to attribute it to the "miracle juice". I am so looking forward to the positive changes to her health. I will keep you guys updated with her progress. Thank you !!!
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Youhan Mubaraki

In a world that is becoming highly toxic and polluted in the Food we eat, The Water we drink and The Air we breathe, At ZanthoniaTM we pledge to provide products to improve your health and create an opportunity to live and earn a better lifestyle."A ZanthoniaTM Lifestyle!!"

ZanthoniaTM combines the wisdom of the orient with modern science. We pride ourselves in promoting and educating people about wellness, good health and financial wellbeing.


The future belongs to those who dare!!

ZanthoniaTM offers you the most lucrative opportunity, to help people and to create wealth.

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A company is known for its product, but respected for its vision.

A simple thought that allows us to combine ancient wisdom with modern science; good health of body and mind with financial freedom, enterprise with social conscience, and a lot more.

With 'Make in India' resonating through our work ethic, and' innovation with a heart' our motivating mantra, we are ZanthoniaTM, the Juice for Life.

Crisis, it is said, is the mother of innovation; the backbone of entrepreneurship.......Read More


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