Introducing Zanthonia!!!

A category creator, the first of its kind in India. A juice of the full Mangosteen Fruit, a formulation like the World has never had before!!!

The good genie in a bottle that brings to you the “Power of Purple”, THE MAGNIFICIENT MANGOSTEEN!
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Zanthonia, Juice for Life, For quality of life.


Youhan Mubaraki

In a world that is becoming highly toxic and polluted in the Food we eat, The Water we drink and The Air we breathe, At Zanthonia we pledge to provide products to improve your health and create an opportunity to live an earn a better lifestyle."A Zanthonia Lifestyle!!"

Zanthonia combines the wisdom of the orient with modern science. We pride ourselves in promoting and educating people about wellness, good health and financial wellbeing.


The future belongs to those who dare!!

Zanthonia offers you the most lucrative opportunity, to help people and to create wealth.

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A company is known for its product, but respected for its vision.

A simple thought that allows us to combine ancient wisdom with modern science; good health of body and mind with financial freedom, enterprise with social conscience, and a lot more.

With 'Make in India' resonating through our work ethic, and' innovation with a heart' our motivating mantra, we are Zanthonia, the Juice for Life.

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'Say Hello'

Whether you are looking to buy Zanthonia, the Juice for Life or hoping to convert it into a business opportunity, we'd love to hear from you.

You can reach us at: 

Zanthonia Lifestyle and health LLP

2070, Jaan Mohammad Street, 

Off Main Street, Camp, 

Pune - 411001, Maharashtra India.